Biospecimen Storage

Cliantha Canada provides short- to long-term biospecimen storage and consolidation. We handle plasma, whole blood, tissue, feces, and urine specimens with great care. The SOPs and procedures we have in place ensure this is accomplished in a cGLP manner. This assures your samples are maintained in full compliance at all times. Our storage logs are meticulously maintained for easy retrieval when you need it. We provide room temperature to ultra-low temperature sample storage to best suit your needs.

  • Provide short- to long-term storage of biological specimens and samples
  • Capable to store over 1,000,000 samples
  • Upright Freezers and Walk-in Freezer at -20°C
  • Ultra-low Temperature Freezers at -70°C
  • Freezers are coupled with back-up generator
  • Access Controlled Room
  • Same Day Sample Retrieval
  • Extensive experience in managing regulatory and sponsor audits

Cliantha has managed more than 3,000,000 samples from our own laboratories. This has been the basis for establishing a Biological sample storage facility for your short and long-term storage needs. We know how to handle sample storage. We have the capabilities and the infrastructure.
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Regulatory Inspections

Last Inspection in Nov 2015
Inspected facility in Nov 2006
Inspected facility in Jan 2009
Last inspection in Apr-May 2016
Inspected facility in Feb - Mar 2013
Last inspection in March 2013
Inspected facility in July 2013
Last inspected by Ministry of Health of Turkey in April 2013
Last inspection in Apr-May 2016