Company Overview

Company Overview

Cliantha Research is a Bioanalytical Laboratory and Biospecimen Storage facility. The laboratory is a subsidiary of Cliantha Research Limited, a global full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) with integrated offerings in Clinical (Phase I, II, III and IV), Bioanalytical, Dermatology, Biometrics, Bioavailability and Bioequivalence (BA/BE), Biosimilars, and Personal Healthcare services.

Our Toronto Bioanalytical Lab began operations in 2013. Integrity in the science is the foundation of the research conducted at the site. This enables the lab to produce high quality, accurate results from human and animal pharmacokinetic (PK) samples. We achieve this by our team of experts. The Cliantha team of scientists leading the operations has more than 15 years of experience each and our scientists have no less than 10 years of industry experience.

Cliantha Canada provides short- to long-term biospecimen storage. We have the appropriate SOPs and procedures needed to store your samples in a cGLP manner. We ensure your samples are maintained in full compliance at all times.

Cliantha Research Limited facilities have been inspected and audited by global regulatory bodies like FDA, ANSM (France), MCC (South Africa), AGES (Austria), AEMPS (Spain), WHO, MHRA (United Kingdom), Thai MoPH, MOH Turkey, ANVISA (Brazil), Health Canada (SCC) and also many international companies. We have successfully conducted and executed over 5000 studies globally and we have analyzed over 3 million samples.

Our Strength

  • Close proximity to our clinical research facilities for time critical results (accelerated first to file).
  • Operated by a team of scientists with more than 10 year experience in conducting bioanalytical assays.
  • Managed by bioanalytical leaders with an average of 25 years of experience.
  • The team has successfully handled FDA, EMA, ANVISA, and Health Canada regulatory and sponsor audits.
  • Robust Method development including designing single method analysis for multi-analytes.
  • Storage of biospecimens following cGLP in full compliance at all times.
  • Exceptional experience with Complex drugs and Endogenous Substances.

Regulatory Inspections

Last Inspection in Nov 2015
Inspected facility in Nov 2006
Inspected facility in Jan 2009
Last inspection in Apr-May 2016
Inspected facility in Feb - Mar 2013
Last inspection in March 2013
Inspected facility in July 2013
Last inspected by Ministry of Health of Turkey in April 2013
Last inspection in Apr-May 2016