Company Overview

Why Cliantha Toronto

Our Service:
  • Integral part of a global CRO providing one stop research services
  • 98% on time data delivery rate with accurate and reproducible methods and results
  • Quality, Accurate and Reproducible assays at competitive price
  • Updates on project key milestone and prompt communications with our client
  • Professionalism and Confidentiality are always maintained
Our Quality:
  • Ensure all processes are conducted in strict adherence to Quality, Compliance, SOPs and Protocols
  • 100% Management, QC and QA verification of data and processes
  • 95+% acceptance rate for ISR results of all completed studies
  • Each project is handled methodically to ensure sample and data integrity is maintained
  • Assurance provided to our clients with respect to quality and timely release of data and reports
Our Team:
  • More than 15 years on average of experience in conducting high quality and accurate Bioanalytical assays
  • Hosted successful regulatory inspections including FDA, EMA, HEALTH CANADA and ANVISA
  • Employee Training System that is periodic and robust

Regulatory Inspections

Last Inspection in Nov 2015
Inspected facility in Nov 2006
Inspected facility in Jan 2009
Last inspection in Apr-May 2016
Inspected facility in Feb - Mar 2013
Last inspection in March 2013
Inspected facility in July 2013
Last inspected by Ministry of Health of Turkey in April 2013
Last inspection in Apr-May 2016